We are a strategy and innovation firm dedicated to creating a sustainable positive impact on your growth.
We think you can do better.
You can engage your whole team, innovate in every part of your business, and grow with vigor.
We can help you do it.

Consulting Services

We offer Creativity and Innovation consulting designed to help our clients

  • think differently about how to solve their most vexing problems utilizing the skills and knowledge that already exist within their organization
  • use that knowledge to mobilize their teams and create results
  • grow, solve hard problems, and remove barriers to success

As no two clients have exactly the same circumstances, our services are tailored to fit. Our work is focused on helping your teams learn how to use creativity and innovation to grow your business and the energy inside your business.

Our clients will typically utilize us

  • when they’ve got a problem to solve that has resisted solution or an opportunity that they can’t quite get their arms around.
  • when their company feels stuck or lacks the energy it once had. Teams are doing their jobs but avoiding risks. We help them build their practice of smart risk-taking by developing a pipeline of small bets any of which may have the potential to go big.
  • to help them develop an Innovation and Learning culture. This is a prerequisite to a growth culture and they want their teams to open their thinking to greater possibility.
  • for Leader development when they see that their leaders behave more like managers — controlling instead of enabling. For an innovation oriented culture to exist, leaders need to actively support it. We help them learn to do that.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
-Albert Einstein

Coaching Services

We coach to support innovation in your company — whether coaching the individual who’s struggling to get ideas into play, the executive who believes in the value of more creative innovation but struggles to enable and support it, or groups who need help in their collective capability to innovate more effectively.

We use assessments, 1-1 coaching, and group work to help individuals and teams better understand their workplace dynamics, gain deeper insights into themselves, and learn how to be more effective in working together to achieve team objectives.